Saturday, March 30, 2013


To Be Expected

It came a bit faster than I expected but, sure enough, some total moron of a journalist asked a white house representative if the Pentagon's sending of B-2 stealth bombers to South Korea may have "provoked" the North Koreans.

My suggestion to this clown and like-minded media drones; listen to what the North Korean dictatorship says, wake up, think real hard about the world you live in.

Of course I could suggest that those who harbor such blatantly stupid ideas be engulfed in a "merciless sea of fire," but that may be intruding on North Korea's intellectual property rights.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Information vs. Insight

Academic credentials can only convey one's having been exposed to knowledge (and often they fail to even do that). The scope, depth, and quality of that knowledge is certainly not guaranteed.

Credentials and time spent exposed to academic echo chambers cannot in themselves produce wisdom.

To be wise, honest, and insightful has nothing to do with the clannish arrogance of many in the academic class.

Long live the academy...and may so many of the charlatans who have overtaken it fade from its halls due to their pompous rejection of wisdom and preference for a cheap substitute of merely parroting dogma.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


The Status of an Illusion

'Just a brief note. What exactly has become of the plan to hire an additional 15,000 IRS agents to enforce stipulations in "Obamacare?" Of course little things like tours at the White House are now at risk -- supposedly -- because of the sequester's frightening two and a half percent cut in "services." It's been noted by many but, federal expenditures have dramatically increased over the last several years. A two and a half percent "cut" isn't even a cut by any sane observation.

The cronyism, corruption, and unbridled use of power now being exercised by our current progressive-in-chief is unprecedented.

This guy and his entourage of socialist autocrats is definitely skating the boundaries of being impeached. At this time it sounds barely plausible but it's an end worth waiting for.

Also, vaguely related, what's up with this mega-purchase of hollow-point bullets by homeland security? It appears that Obama and party were just warming up with scandals in waiting like "Fast and Furious."

If it weren't for the congress, some media outlets, and a portion of the population thus far unconned, I believe we'd have a full-blown Stalinist on our hands (with a dash of radical Islam sympathy).

I can only hope that more voters will be wising up in coming elections.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Don't Comply

Certainly everyone who reads blogs like this are aware of New York City mayor Bloomberg's attempts to rein in any human activity he sees fit to control. As usual with clowns like this, it's all "for your own good." You'll be healthier, wiser, and a more perfect specimen of an egalitarian drone-in-compliance. "Do it...Now!" ...for the people, for the children, for the volksgemeinschaft (the Nazi reference to the "folk community").

Bloomberg's signature command of late has been to constrain the size of sugary beverages sold in New York. 'Seems harmless enough, even helpful but...What the hell is going on here? Can any sober-minded individual truly say that America's constitution gives the government authority over the size of drinks sold to customers? Fortunately a judge ruled that the command ("regulations" should be called what they truly are, commands) was "too arbitrary, " which it was. I would have preferred that he describe the subject of his ruling more accurately, it's blatantly unconstitutional (trite as the issue itself may be).

The thing that caught my eye most in this recent attempt to feed unwarranted authority to government was not Bloomberg's arrogant command. That should be perennially expected from many politicians and fellow citizens alike. It also wasn't the judge' s ruling, nice as that was. What caught my attention most in media reporting on the issue was that most food-serving establishments had already prepared for the new size regulation with new pricing and menus etc. ...'Just like that, everybody folds.

I get the idea that if you're a small - or even large - business that you cooperate with laws no matter how absurd they often are. No need to make waves when you have a daily operation to run. But, why can't more businesses and individuals at least go semi "Galt" on the autocrats of state? What exactly would be the response from the government if 90% of New York's food industry said..."No!...Fuck you! You have no authority whatsoever over the size of drinks I offer willing patrons." "I will not comply."

On some level, my wishes on the matter are a bit idealistic and, who cares about a few people drinking healthier doses of sugar. That said, there are thousands of actions of late by federal, state, and local authority that have no constitutional basis whatsoever and infringe on the very essence of one's sense of living in a free society.

My tiny blog will certainly have little exposure or impact but I would hope somewhere, someway that a new "viral" phenomena would occur. The simple notion of:

"Don't comply"... "I will not comply!"

Friday, March 08, 2013



The possibility that, at some time in the future, a garden variety dictator may seek to strike the U.S. with a nuclear weapon, and with North Korea emphasizing that it will now seek a "first strike" using such weapons, it's good to know that we've developed a reasonably effective missile defense system to protect ourselves and our democratic friends.

It's interesting to note that, from the beginning, many Democrats and virtually all "progressive" leftists have opposed funding and development of such a defensive system. Now why do you suppose that would be? Initially it was because, "it wouldn't work," now their reason appears to be because it does work.

Leftism - always - no friend of freedom.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Chavez is Dead...

...but the phony Marxist "revolution" lives on as it always will.

I'm not one to dance on anyone's grave - it's tacky. But, I also won't act as if I care that another demagogue has moved on.

Chavez merely stood for ego self-aggrandizement through a delusional mind-meld with "the poor and oppressed." Anyone can do it. One can hear the same voice "speak out" in any coffee shop, college campus, or the halls of the White house.

As long as people are mad that life isn't fair, (no doubt, if hydrogen atoms could think, they'd be jealous of the inequality among other elements with more particles) and as long as they can find a person or group to blame for their condition, control freaks, autocrats, and garden variety narcissists will continue "the struggle" to put anyone who opposes their vision beneath their boot.

If capitalism, individual freedom, striving, and achievement didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent it (as an adversary), so spoiled brats, thugs, and control freaks could look in the mirror and see a war with all things noble.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


On The Adulation of Phantoms

If there were no Obama, no doubt some people would need to invent one.

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